Written by Vasiliki A. Ntavlourou. BVM, MRCVS, GPCert(ExAP).

My Bubba! came to Greece on the 22 of August 2009, only a few days before the opening of my Veterinary clinic. 

Bubba's Greek adventure started in London, at the Veterinary hospital where I was working at the time. Bubba was left at the hospital by his previous owners, in order to be put to sleep due to the heavy hereditary hip dysplasia he suffered from.

It was only destiny that he crossed my path that night, where on one of my night duties at the hospital I was meant to be the Vet in charge who would euthanase him.

But.............I couldn't do it! I decided instead to adopt him and bring him back to Greece with me, knowing of course that there was no cure for his condition.

Bubba was a beautiful and unbelievably large Rottweiler. Despite his enormous size though, Bubba was an easy to handle dog .........a kind GIANT!

I managed to offer him my love and care for 3 years. Bubba together with Forrest, were my loyal companions throughout the preparation of my Veterinary clinic and the first difficult two and a half years.

It was him and Forrest who helped me overcome my fear for Rottweilers and taught me that after all..........IT'S NOT THE DOG TO BE AWARE OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 22nd of October 2011, I lost my beloved Bubba in a sad accident.

All those who were lucky and blessed to have met him, will remember him and thank him for the beautiful memories he offered us.


our paths met at a chapter in ours lives where we needed each other. Your character was one in a million and will live on with us forever. A part of you will always be with me.


Message for Bubbs from Emma!
Enjoy your new life running crazy in the clouds without a care in the world!
Love Aunt EMx




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